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11 mai 2012 5 11 /05 /mai /2012 11:35

In World War II, the Frenchmen were fighting alongside the Englishmen and when the time to eat came along the French people would eat frog legs. Well as you can imagine it was not really the English soldiers' way of having a meal and hence started calling them French Frogs.

One doesn't need to seek far to find the origin of the Grenouille term that the English like so much (with a nuance more or less of contempt) to call the French. It comes from the large queen Elizabeth I of England which adored frogs and was accustomed to affectionately calling her close friends by that name. Thus, her young and handsome ambassador of France, with whom she had fallen passionately in love when she was young, she referred to as her "Dearest Frog". This is even said in the English history books of England.


My name is Romain, my opinion about the word frog is rather positive because the word frog is funny and very representative of us because we eat thighs of frogs. Well , i have never eaten thighs of frogs !

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